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“Avtomagistrali - Tcherno more” JSC Shumen

The Company was established in 1967 as a Construction Company named “Road Constructions”. In 1989 by decision No. 50/30.03.1989 of the Council of Ministers it was transformed into a State-owned Company “Avtomagistrali - Tcherno more”, and in 1991 it was transformed into Single Person Limited Liability Company with state property. By decision of the Shumen District Court, in 1995 “Avtomagistrali - Tcherno more” was transformed into Single Person Joint Stock Company “Avtomagistrali - Tcherno more” with state property. By decision of the Shumen District Court, in 1997 the Company was transformed into “Avtomagistrali - Tcherno more” Joint Stock Company (JSC).

Company profile:
“Avtomagistrali – Tcherno More” is a private joint stock company, managed by a Board of Directors. The Company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and the Bulgarian Branch Chamber “ROADS”. Its basic construction activities are carried out on the territory of North-East Bulgaria, but in the recent couple of years the Company has shown interest in expanding its activities throughout the whole territory of Bulgaria and abroad. The Managers’ policy is focused on constant renewal of the construction equipment, employment of highly qualified personnel, investment in education and personnel qualification improvement, development of established scholarship programs in disciplines crucial to the development of the workflow of the Company, cooperation with secondary schools for training of specialists - building technicians and operators of road construction equipment. In order to achieve its objectives, to win recognition as socially reliable partner and to increase the efficiency of the production processes the Company has implemented the following international standards: ISO 9001:2000 – Quality System Registration Certificate, OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate and ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental System Registration Certificate. In its main activity the Company relies on its own machines and vehicles, which are constantly renewed in order to achieve higher productivity. The Company possesses four asphalt plants, four quarries for aggregates equipped with crusher plants and transport, twelve concrete mixing plants, a workshop, a diagnostic center for technical inspection of vehicles and a road laboratory. The Company manufactures everything necessary for its main activities – concrete elements, crushed stone for concrete production, asphalt mixes and crushed stone pavements.

Design, construction and rehabilitation of roads;
Current and winter maintenance of roads and road structures;
Design and construction of hydro-melioration sites, water pipelines and sewerage systems;
Design, construction, maintenance and repair of port infrastructures;
Construction and modernization of playgrounds and facilities;
Development and landscaping;
Construction and reconstruction of churches;
Removal of illegal sites;
Strengthening of landslides;
Extraction, processing and sale of crushed fractions;
Manufacture and sale of asphalt mixtures;
Production and sale of concrete and concrete items;
Laboratory activity;
Repair and maintenance of owned construction equipment and transportation;
Annual technical inspection of motor vehicles;
Transport services;
Services with specialized construction equipment.

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