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Archeological excavations prior to a highway - 25 Mar 2014

The archeological studies in the section from km. 347 +500 to km. 347 +555 of the Hemus highway discovered objects from different periods – the Late Bronze Age, the Hellenistic epoch, the Roman period, the early and late Middle Ages. Remains of homes of different types, embedded rooms, cult and economic pits, human and animals burials, trenches, traces of wooden fences, domestic pottery and kilns for its firing were discovered in the different sites, in two successive stages. Many of the finds aroused great interest, namely domestic objects, jewelry, weapons and parts of them, tools and coins from the different periods. A quite untraditional burial of a man and a woman was revealed in one of the pits from the Hellenistic field. This burial provides additional information on the funeral practices for that period. The second largest necropolis from XV-XVI century was discovered along the alignment. After suitable restoration the finds were displayed in the exhibition “Archeological excavations prior a highway” in July 2014, at the regional archeological museum of Shumen. Along opened and the second largest cemetery in the period XV-XVI century, exploring the territory of Bulgaria. After restoration, the exhibits were presented in the exhibition "Excavations before a highway" in June 2013. RIM in Shumen.



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