"Automagistrali-Cherno More" JSC has four quarries that sell aggregates at competitive prices. For each of our careers you can buy additional information by looking at the page and.

Aggregate's pricelist:

Aggregate prices, which you can find in our price lists for each quarry, are indicative and may vary depending on quantities, transport, etc. For each of our clients, we prepare an individual offer, taking into account the requirements.

Check the prices of each quarry on the respective page.

Our quarries:

Each of the quarries of "Automagistrali-Cherno More" JSC has a certificate of conformity of production control from an independent construction laboratory issued in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU of March 9, 2011 for construction products. Each quarry meets both in-house needs and those of our customers. Choose the one closest to you and view the page for the relevant career. You can find detailed information about it or contact us for an individual offer.

Each quarry offers for sale: unfractionated, narrowly or broadly sorted rock material with a grain size according to the customer's wishes.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: Contact us

Choose the most convenient quarry:

“Kralevo” Quarry

“Varli Bryag” Quarry

“Hitrino” Quarry

“Karovcha” Quarry

Types of aggregates that we offer:

  • Explosive rock mass - ERM
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/4
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/31.5
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/32.5
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/63
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/75
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/70
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/120
  • Crushed stone fraction 0/200
  • Crushed stone fraction 4/10
  • Crushed stone fraction 4/16
  • Crushed stone fraction 8/22.4
  • Crushed stone fraction 10/16
  • Crushed stone fraction 25/80
  • Crushed stone fraction 5/12.5
  • Crushed stone fraction 40/70
  • Unsorted crushed stone fraction 0/40
  • Unsorted crushed stone fraction 0/63
  • Unsorted crushed stone fraction 0/120
  • Sterile

Do you know what material should be used for your construction site?

You can contact our engineers for guidance and advice from here.

Certificates for aggregates

All products manufactured by us have quality certificates and are accompanied by a declaration of conformity. We subject our products to laboratory analysis on a daily basis.

Frequently asked questions about working with our quarries:

-What are the payment methods?
Advance payment or securing the amount with a financial instrument (insurance, bank guarantee).
- What is the working time?
We work from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and delivery is according to the schedule agreed with the customer.
- Are the products produced from the quarry certified?
All products manufactured by us have a quality certificate and are accompanied by a declaration of conformity, they are subjected to daily laboratory analysis.
- After the order is confirmed, how many days does the delivery take?
It is in accordance with the requirement and is negotiable with the client.
- What is the best way to order aggregates from you?
You can contact us directly by phone or submit your request form online through our site.
- Do the prices from the price catalog change for larger orders?
Each of our customers can request an individual offer regarding price, payment method and order fulfillment time.