“Varli Bryag” Quarry

The quarry is part of the area of ​​a concrete junction and an asphalt plant "Varli Bryag". It is located on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas near the Varli Bryag mine - southwest of the "Shiloto" hill near the village of Cherni Vrah. In the quarry, a plutonic igneous rock was mined and processed from andesitobasalts of Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene age, as well as dense gray-green to black with a massive texture and a vaguely porphyry medium-porphyry structure. The finished material is suitable for use on road foundations and the formation of asphalt mixtures for the upper and lower layers. In addition, the product can also be used as a concrete admixture.

Part of the crushing and sorting installation with which the material is processed are three crushers and three screening systems that have an average daily capacity of 5,000 tons / hour.

From the quarry are obtained:

  • BDS EN 12620: 2002 + A1: 2008 - Admixtures for concrete.
  • BDS EN 13043: 2005 + AC: 2005 - Rock materials for bituminous mixtures and pavements for roads, airfields and other transport areas.
  • BDS EN 13242: 2002 + A1: 2007 - Rock materials for unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures for use in construction and road construction.
  • BDS EN 13450: 2003 + AC: 2005 - Crushed stone for railway Lines on system 2+ are fulfilled and the production control complies with all prescribed requirements for these operational indicators.
  • The material-petrographic composition of the extracted raw material is certified by an accredited laboratory according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2006.
  • BDS EN 932-3: 2000 / A1: 2004 - The raw material is of the genus Andesitobasalts.


Request phone: +359 895 68 21 54

E-mail: sales_bs@amshumen.com

Address of the quarry:Burgas, Meden Rudnik district, “Kara Bair-D” area

Prices and pricing policy of “Varli Bryag” quarry

We prepare individual offers for each request from clients. The offers are in accordance with the price catalog of the extracted materials, but also in the offers additional services such as transport, quantities etc. are included. The company reserves the right to make discounts and price changes when necessary.

Price catalog for “Varli Bryag” quarry : Download PDF Price Catalog

Frequently asked questions about the work with “Varli Bryag” quarry:

- What are the payment methods?

Advance payment or securing the due amount by a financial instrument (insurance, bank guarantee)

- What is our working time?

We work from 7:30 until 16:30 and the delivery in accordance with the schedules of our customers .

- Are the products from the quarries certified?

Yes, all our products have quality certificates and are accompanied by a declaration of conformity.

- Once the request is confirmed, how long does it take for the delivery?

Each delivery is preliminary agreed with the customer's schedule

- What is the best way to order inert materials ?

You can either contact us directly by phone, or send a request form to us.

- Can I buy inert materials in small quantities?

Yes, you can buy products depending on your needs.

- Do the prices in the catalog change in case of larger orders?

Price proposals are made individually to each of our customers.