Avtomagistrali - Tcherno More is a private joint-stock company, managed by a Board of Directors. The company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and the Bulgarian Branch Chamber "Roads". The company’s major construction facilities are located on the territory of North-eastern Bulgaria, but in the recent years the company has successfully expanded its activities throughout the whole territory of Bulgaria and abroad.  
The company’s top management pays special attention to the continuous renewal of the construction plant and equipment; hiring of highly qualified staff; organization of training courses to further improve the employees’ knowledge and skills; provision of scholarships to university students studying in programmes, which are of particular interest to the company business and keeping of close contacts with the secondary vocational schools, which educate construction technicians and road construction equipment operators. 
The company has implemented and maintains the following international standards to achieve its goals, acquire the status of a socially responsible partner and improve the efficiency of its production processes: ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality management systems; ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety management systems; ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems; ISO 39001:2014 - Road Traffic Safety Management System and ISO 50001:2018 - Energy Management System. The company relies on its own plant and equipment to carry out all major types of construction works. The available equipment is constantly renewed and upgraded to ensure the highest possible production capacity. The company owns four asphalt plants, four quarries for production of aggregates equipped with all the necessary crushing and transport equipment, twelve concrete plants, a repair workshop, an accredited testing centre for periodic inspection of the motor vehicles’ roadworthiness, and an accredited road-testing laboratory. The company is capable of producing alone everything necessary for its major activities, such as pre-stressed concrete beams, prefabricated concrete elements, aggregates for the production of subbase and base courses, as well as for various concrete and asphalt mixes.  
Avtomagistrali - Tcherno More JSC carries out construction, repair and maintenance of roads and big structures, urban communications and the adjacent infrastructure, production and sale of aggregates and construction mixes, as well as of the products made thereof. It carries out research, design, investment, engineering and trade activities in Bulgaria and abroad. The Company performs all kinds of services with construction equipment, as well as transport of passengers and goods. 
The company’s head office and the main production facilities have been located in Shumen since the time of its establishment.  
The “Shumen” Construction Division evolved substantially throughout the years. The construction capacity of the “Hitrino” quarry and asphalt plant, which were among the initial company assets, was further expanded by the construction of a concrete plant and a repair shop in Shumen. In 1994, the company added to its assets a storage and landscape horticulture facility located at about 7 kilometers from its hometown. A year later, the company acquired the site of the existing “Shumen” asphalt plant. Currently, two gas-fired asphalt plants, two concrete plants and a stationary casting bed for pre-stressed concrete beams operate on the territory of this production facility. The company’s own road testing laboratory is also located in this production facility. It is certified for compliance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service. The laboratory employs a highly qualified staff, which exercises constant control over the delivered raw materials and the manufactured products, performs research work and develops job mix formulas for the produced concrete and asphalt mixes. In 1999, the company purchased a land plot in the town of Kaspichan and constructed a storage facility for the needs of the year-round maintenance and repair of “Hemus” Motorway.  
Once established, the company began opening and developing its own construction branches (construction divisions) on the whole territory of Eastern and North-eastern Bulgaria, which gradually expanded their capacity and scope of activities.  
In 1969, just two years after its establishment, the company opened a construction division in the town of Targovishte. “Targovishte” Construction Division proved to be extremely active within the period 1970 – 1986, when it was responsible for the construction of all new national roads on the territory of the Targovishte region, thus considerably contributing to the improvement of the local infrastructure. Currently the division encompasses the “Targovishte” concrete plants facility consisting of two concrete plants, the newer one operated since 2010. It also includes the “Kralevo” quarry, located not far from the town of Targovishte, which has been operated by the company since 2001. A “Bernardi” mobile asphalt plant was located on the territory of the quarry in 2006.  
“Ruse” Construction Division was opened on 1 September 1972. It was established for the construction of a big grade-separated road junction in the outskirts of Ruse and the road to the village of Pisanets – a challenging and complex road project with many big structures and sections going through rocky terrain. Subsequently, that project was followed by many other successfully completed projects in the region. In 2009, a concrete plant was constructed on the territory of production facility of “Ruse” Construction Division located east of the bridge connecting Bulgaria and Romania across the Danube River. The Construction Division produces concrete, lime mortars and prefabricated concrete elements for its own projects and for sale to external customers. In 2008, the company purchased a land plot in the village of Bazan located not far from the town of Ruse. The company is planning to purchase and erect there an asphalt plant in the near future, upon completion of all design and approval procedures.   
“Varna” Construction Division was established as an independently operated branch in 1972. The first years of its existence were marked by the construction of the emblematic first motorway section in Bulgaria, i.e. the “Varna – Devnya” Section of “Hemus” Motorway, as well as with the construction of the road “Devnya - Neofit Rilski - Mlada Gvardia - Nevsha - Zaychino Oreshe”. “Varna” Construction Division encompasses two concrete plants located in Varna, a repair workshop in the village of Ignatievo, an asphalt plant in the village of Pripek and a quarry near the village of Karovcha. 
“Razgrad” Construction Division was established in 1974. Initially, the production facilities were located in the town of Isperih, but later, upon purchasing of a suitable land plot next to the ring road of Razgrad, the Construction Division was relocated to Razgrad. The division is equipped with two concrete plants, which produce concrete mixes, cement and lime mortars and prefabricated concrete elements for the company local projects and for sale to external customers. 
In 1992, the company established another Construction Division in Burgas. Initially, it started as a construction design office. Later, the company acquired the “Varly Bryag” quarry located not far from the town of Burgas and started the production of andesite-basalt aggregates. Following its investment policy, in 2011 the company constructed and set into operation high-capacity gas-operated concrete and asphalt plants, which are also part of “Burgas” Construction Division.  
In 2000, the company constructed a concrete plant in the town of Veliki Preslav, which ensures the production of concrete mixes, cement mortars and prefabricated concrete elements for the company local projects and for sale to external customers. 
In 2017, Avtomagistrali - Tcherno More JSC - Shumen, celebrated its 50th anniversary. During the years of its existence, Avtomagistrali - Tcherno More JSC - Shumen has always defined and followed its own policies, the main goals of which are: continuous renewal of the construction equipment, upgrading of the production processes, advanced control of the used technologies and completion of the awarded projects with outstanding quality. Following its strategy, the company has completed a large number of projects, on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.