Avtomagistrali - Tcherno More JSC employs qualified and motivated staff with vast practical experience, knowledge and skills ensuring the development and implementation of construction solutions, which meet the customer’s requirements for quality and precision.  

The Administrative staff takes care of and is involved in the following processes:  

  • Tendering and cost estimation; 
  • Design; 
  • Laboratory testing; 
  • Contracts planning and administration; 
  • Accounting; 
  • Public and customer relations; 
  • Production and supply management; 
  • Inventory management. 
  • etc. 

The Technical staff takes care of and is involved in the following processes: 

  • On-site management and control of construction works; 
  • Keeping and maintenance of the mandatory technical documentation; 
  • Planning of the technical maintenance works; 
  • Ensuring the necessary individual safety equipment and on-site instruction of the employees for the site-specific occupational health & safety measures and fire safety requirements; 
  • Suspension of works in case of the occurrence of hazardous or harmful events or conditions;
  • Quality control of construction works, on-site control of the delivery and stockpiling of construction materials;
  • Active participation in the development of plans, strategies and schedules.  

Any of the company construction divisions is capable of performing the full range of site preparation, construction and finishing works.  

Personnel Information: 

Employees with Engineering Degrees: 

  • Civil Engineers: 35 
  • Geodesy engineer: 11
  • Mechanical Engineers: 25 

Employees with secondary vocational education: 

  • Construction Technicians: 44 
  • Equipment operators: 138 

Employees with university degrees or secondary general education: 

  • Employees with university degrees - economics and other applied sciences: 60 
  • Employees with secondary general education: 227 

Employed unskilled personnel: 

  • Employed unskilled personnel: 277  (Varies depending on the current needs)