The company road laboratory is accredited according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 by EA BAS and is directly subordinated to the Executive Director of the company.

The laboratory is located on the territory of Asphalt Base ‘Shumen’ and is an important element in the structure of the company.

The company road laboratory performs laboratory tests of clients, according to the Accreditation Certificate with registration № 4 LI / 12.08.2020. and Order to it № А 495 / 12.08.2020.

 Accreditation Certificate:

Аccreditation order:

The laboratory performs tests on:

  • Admixtures and rock materials for: Concrete; Bituminous mixtures and pavements for roads and other transport areas; unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in construction and road construction.
  • Fine filler, mineral flour for asphalt mixtures.
  • Concrete and Concrete Mixes.
  • Masonry mortars (cement-sand and lime).
  • Cement.
  • Bitumen.
  • Construction soils.
  • Asphalt mixtures; Hot; laid and compacted asphalt pavements.
  • Flexible waterproofing tarpaulins.
  • The laboratory performs sampling of:
  • Additional and rock materials.
  • Fine filler, mineral flour for asphalt mixtures.
  • Concrete and Concrete Mixes.
  • Masonry solutions.
  • Cement.
  • Bitumen.
  • Construction soils.
  • Asphalt mixtures

The laboratory activities are performed professionally by an experienced team of specialists. 

The laboratory shall have the technical means of measurement and the appropriate conditions for carrying out the tests.

When conducting laboratory tests, the team observes the confidentiality of its customers.

Tests are performed according to Bulgarian, European and American standards. 


  • Performs incoming and outgoing control of raw materials.
  • Develops prescription compositions for asphalt and concrete mixtures.
  • Issue laboratory protocols and declarations of performance.
  • Introduces new technologies in the field of road construction.
  • Performs laboratory services to external clients.


Contact phone: +359 54 816 131

Email: lab@amshumen.com

Address of construction laboratory: Shumen, Asphalt plant, Teke Dere area № 1

Price policy

"Avtomagistrali - Tcherno More" Company Road Laboratory  works on an approved price list of services offered (F 7.1-7 "Price list of services offered)

The pricing policy of the company's road construction laboratory is negotiable. We work correctly with private clients at prices by mutual agreement.