The Road Testing Laboratory is an independent unit in the company structure directly subordinated to the company’s Executive Manager. The laboratory is located on the territory of  “Shumen” asphalt plant. It is certified for compliance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service. The laboratory performs tests on: aggregates, asphalt and concrete mixes, prefabricated concrete elements and soils. The laboratory employs a highly qualified staff and is equipped with technical means and apparatuses for carrying out of all tests in accordance with the requirements. The laboratory maintains high professional standards, impartiality and confidentiality to ensure the quality of test results. The available test equipment provides for the performance of tests under the Bulgarian (BDS), European (EN) and the US (ASTM, AASHTO) standards. 


  • Provision of research works and tests, as well as design of the job mix formulas needed for the company business;    
  • Input control of all delivered raw materials; 
  • Issue of declarations of performance for the construction products manufactured by the company;  
  • Tests related to the implementation of new construction technologies; 
  • Provision of laboratory services to external customers. 

The laboratory is capable of carrying out the following tests:

  • Aggregates for concrete and bituminous concrete mixes; 
  • Building materials; 
  • Bituminous concrete; 
  • Concrete; 
  • Mortars; 
  • Soils; 
  • Field tests. 

The laboratory offers to customers:

  • Standard laboratory tests in the fields listed above

Subject to prior agreement, the laboratory may further provide to its customers the following services:

  • Design of job mix formulas for bituminous concrete mixes; 
  • Design of job mix formulas for concrete mixes.