The company relies on its own plant and equipment to carry out all major types of construction works. The available equipment is constantly renewed and upgraded to ensure the expansion of the overall company production capacity. The company owns four asphalt plants, four quarries for production of aggregates equipped with all the necessary crushing and transport equipment,  seven concrete plants, a repair workshop, an accredited testing centre for periodic inspection of the motor vehicles’ roadworthiness, and an accredited road-testing laboratory. The company is capable of producing alone everything necessary for its major activities, such as pre-stressed concrete beams, prefabricated concrete elements, aggregates for the production of subbase and base courses, as well as for various concrete and asphalt mixes.

Here are some of the major activities within the scope of the company business:

• Design, construction and rehabilitation of roads;

• Year-round maintenance and repair of roads and road structures;

• Design and construction of irrigation, water supply and sewerage systems;

• Design, construction, maintenance and repair of port infrastructure;

• Construction and reconstruction of playgrounds and sports facilities;

• Public works and landscaping;

• Construction and reconstruction of churches;

• Demolition of illegal buildings/structures;

• Landslide stabilization works;

• Mining, processing and sale of aggregates;

• Production and sale of asphalt mixes;

• Production and sale of concrete mixes and prefabricated concrete elements;

• Engineering works (Design & Build);

• Laboratory tests;

• Repair and maintenance of the company’s own construction plant and equipment;

• Periodic inspections of the motor vehicles’ roadworthiness

• Transport services;

• Services with heavy construction equipment.